2D/3D/AR/VR Modeling, Texturing, Visualization & Illustration

Real3D Places is here for your 2D art, 3D modeling, visualization and illustration needs!

Our boutique, USA based company, founded in 2008, produces all of our work in-house, and we are able to keep costs lower by regularly producing 99.9% of our final deliverables without the added expense of a site visit. From still renderings to WebAR and Oculus Rift/Quest VR, our simple 6-step workflow ensures ease-of-use for the customer, clear & open communication 24/7, proofs/quality assurance and on-time visualization deliverables. We are ready to help take your projects, scenes and proposals to the next level, just let us know what your needs are - we are here to help!


  • Objects/Products
  • As-Built/Existing
  • Proposed  Development
  • Organic/Vegetation/Foods
  • Photogrammetry/UAS Data
  • Environments/3D Mapping
  • Hard-Surface
  • Low & High Poly
  • Optimization / Retopology


  • Objects/Products/Branding
  • Technical Illustration
  • Product/Corporate Branding
  • Themes / Events
  • Corporate News
  • 3D Mapping
  • Architectual
  • Engineering
  • Construction


  • Still Renderings / 360 View
  • Animation
  • Video Production / 360 VR
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Point Clouds
  • Technical Renderings
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Mixed Reality


  • Objects/Products/Branding
  • Technical Illustration
  • Product/Corporate Branding
  • Themes / Events
  • Corporate News
  • Mapping
  • Architectual
  • Engineering
  • Construction

"Superior modeling & artwork
with direct artist contact at anytime"

Working with your R3DP Artist, you will have direct contact as you need it to review the project details and be sure any changes are implimented seamlessly. We put in the extra effort and hours that seems to be the exception these days. We look forward to earning your trust and confidence. 

"Complete 2D/3D model knowlege including formats,

styles, PBR textures & LOD's"

We understand the oldest and latest formats, techniques and workflow... From low poly to showing every bolt and cable, we have the experience to produce what the project needs to look great and perform efficently!

"Enhance your proposals and presentations

with 3D to awe your audience"

Let us show you the many ways 3D modeling, rendering and technical illustrations can help push your presentations and proposals above the competition. 
We can even do the web or publication design/art and supply the finished materials you need.

"3D helps you find costly errors and make changes in advance of construction, and the WebAR or VR option... just incredible"

Our very first street scape project alerted the client to a sidewalk radius flaw, in turn, saving the County $125,000 in rework :)

"Beautiful illustration and corporate design, they

matched our style perfectly"

We create from your ideas or ours, from illustration and corporate design publications,
charts to logos, tag lines and enhanced proposals.